About Gemma

About Gemma

Gemma grew up in Scotland, United Kingdom. As a small child she connected and communicated with plants and the natural world. She was experiencing prophetic dreams by the age of 9, and doing psychic readings by age 11. Feeling pressured by her family to follow a more practical career path she began to repress her spirituality and at age 17 and went to Robert Gordons University to study electronics and electrical engineering.

After graduating with her Bachelor degree she spent the next six years working in the oil industry as an instrumentation sales engineer, but still her heart led her to taking night classes for tai-chi, reiki, reflexology and massage.

After having a profound vision Gemma was guided to follow her soul’s true calling into the healing arts. She shifted into working as a reiki master and massage therapist then enrolled into Salford University to study acupuncture where she graduated with a Bachelor degree with honours.

Gemma also completed Eliot Cowan’s 2 year program for “plant spirit medicine”. In 2017, Gemma was led to visit the sacred holy well of St. Brigid. There she was initiated by the spirit realm and God /Source consciousness to practice Quantum healing and psychic surgery through her clairvoyance and clairaudience. Gemma is currently undertaking Oracle training with renowned healer and Oracle Emily Joy Harris.

Gemma works with clients from all over the world doing long distance treatments as well as working from her practice room in the UK. She now resides in Huddersfield, England with her 6 year old daughter and is a singer/songwriter of medicine songs.