Gemma Leighton

Healer, Teacher & Oracle of Sophia

Quantum Healing & Spiritual Surgery, Acupuncture, Plant Spirit Medicine

Gemma Leighton

Meet Gemma

Gemma grew up in Scotland, United Kingdom. As a small child she connected and communicated with plants and the natural world. She was experiencing prophetic dreams by the age of 9, and doing psychic readings by age 11. Feeling pressured by her family to follow a more practical career path she began to repress her spirituality and at age 17 and went to Robert Gordons University to study electronics and electrical engineering.


gemma in field


Since Feb 2020 I have been teaching ‘an introduction to plant spirit medicine’ where you learn how to Journey with plants and trees.

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Gemma, your Quantum healing is incredible, you are giving people their lives back
Samia K
Iridologist, South Africa
Gemma has quite literally given me a life that I can live and has quite possibly saved my life.
Sophie J
Photographer and mum of 2 Huddersfield

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Phone: +44 (0) 7899 763098
Huddersfield, United Kingdom