Gemma Leighton

B.Sc(Hons) Acu, MBAcC


Huddersfield & Manchester. 

18 years experience in health and healing

Wellness on all levels

Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It really is possible to find a pathway back from illness and imbalance.

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Gemma Leighton Treatments Huddersfield

I am forever amazed and grateful of the power of healing and feel blessed to be part of the healing journey for people.

I believe every individual, and their story, should be heard, and they should feel able to come forward to ask for help if they need it.


Whether you are suffering from physical symptoms, emotional troubles, need support with mental health issues, or feel spiritually disconnected, there is a treatment that can assist you.

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member of the British Acupuncture Council

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What my clients are saying

“Hi Gemma, after treatment last week I feel so good! I’m feeling more relaxed & strong. I’m more able to deal with the challenges & that depressed feeling has lifted so much…thank you!!”

“Thankyou for the healing.  I can’t believe it, 15 years of insomnia and I’ve slept like a baby all week!”

“Loved my spiritual surgery.  I feel totally refreshed, have no aches and pains and its really helped me clear out my energy blocks to enable me to move forward on my own spiritual journey.”

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