Read some of the heartfelt testimonials provided by some of my clients.

Samia K – Iridologist, South Africa

Gemma, your Quantum healing is incredible, you are giving people their lives back! I used to reminisce about how happy and free I was when I was younger and never thought that I could get that feeling back. After my energy field was cleared I can honestly say that I feel 20 years younger and much lighter happier and healthier. I started feeling better both physically and emotionally within just a few days and it has just got better and better since then.

Now that the traumas and blocked energy have been removed, I can focus on achieving my heart’s desire.

All aspects of my life are aligning and everything is falling into place. The whole experience with you was incredibly enlightening, something that is beyond words. I am eternally grateful to you Gemma and your expert team for this fresh start. Thank you and may God bless and protect you infinitely.”

Sophie J – Photographer and mum of 2, Huddersfield

“Gemma has quite literally given me a life that I can live and has quite possibly saved my life. For 12 years I have lived with chronic fatigue, depression and pmdd that all seemed to be worsening – no anti-depressant has stopped the ‘dark days’ or terrifying ‘dark thoughts ‘ from rising.

Through acupuncture, plant spirit medicine I am no longer scared of myself, am reducing medication and am definitely on the mend! Gemma is genuinely caring, empathetic, knowledgeable, gifted and trustworthy. I cannot recommend her enough.”

Kelly C – Artist and Performer Manchester

“I personally have benefitted so much from the psychic sugery and quantum healing. I’ve had chronic hip pain and unable to get much movement in it for 20 years. I was advised by my doctor that I would need hip replacement. Thanks to Gemma I know understand my pain began on an ancestral level. When I was told this, I instantly understood. I know have much less pain and more movement in my hips. So much so that my diagnosis has changed to arthritis with no need for

hip replacement. Gemma and the guides have also supported me in my emotional wellbeing, guiding me through various situations and bringing balance and harmony to me.“

Victoria P – Administrator and Healer Leeds

“Went to see Gemma for channelled Quantum Healing session at the weekend… what an experience!!! When I arrived at Gemmas, to say I had been carrying old emotional baggage is an understatement. My heart was really heavy and sad affecting my overall wellbeing. During the healing session Gemma worked with her guides to firstly repair parts of my energy by moving and clearing out blockages. They then worked on my aura and energy field restoring it back to full health. Gemma was also able to intuitively tell me information about me and my situation before during and after. After my treatment I went home and rested and woke up the next day like a new person!!!! I cannot recommend Gemma enough. Thank you ❤❤❤

Laura S – Artist and mum of 2 New Mills

“ I loved the Quantum Healing so much! Thank you, I can’t explain the wonderful feeling that I experienced, such good messages, and the start of some really amazing dreams… and my knee pain has gone! Thank you Gemma you have such a special gift Xxx