Quantum Healing & Psychic Surgery

Quantum Healing & Psychic Surgery

My Quantum Healing and Psychic Surgery works very deeply and profoundly.

I had no idea when I visited the ancient sacred well of Saint Brigid in Ireland in the summer of 2017 that I was to have a profound spiritual awakening and life changing experience. During the night of the visit, I awoke to feel as if i had 2 tornado’s inside my base and sacral chakras. Along with a feeling of utter dread and panic, it was impossible to sleep. I got up and sat in the living room of the accommodation I was staying at with friends and wondered what on earth to do. Id never felt this level of anxiety and what were these churning powerful set of tornado’s doing in my body?

I found myself moving my hand in the air in a spiral. It moved round and round faster and faster…and so began nearly 3 hours of what i came to call ‘the dancing’. It would start with being woken up in the wee small hours of the night, with a feeling of utter dread and terror. The only way to relieve and move the energy would be to get up and ‘dance’. The dancing included my arms, hands, legs, feet, head and sometimes my whole body would shake. Id never experienced anything like it. It was as if the tornado’s were working their way out of me.

I began making sounds as the dancing progressed. Toning, humming, singing. Sometimes making sounds i never knew i could.

As I danced the feelings of dread would ease and the force of nature that was working through my body would eventually calm and I would finally head back to bed to sleep. I remember trying to imitate the dancing during the day but found i couldn’t sustain more than a minute of the movements without feeling worn out. These movements were so energetic and full on, they definitely weren’t coming from me. Something was moving through me. But what?

What on earth was happening to me? Is this what happens when you go mad? Having been an acupuncturist for many years, i was aware of the concept of possession. Is that what i had? Was I possessed with some horrible entity?

I contacted my teacher renowned shaman and plant spirit medicine author, Eliot Cowan. Luckily he was in the UK and i was able to travel to get a treatment from him. I told him what was happening and he did a depossession treatment for me.

It made no difference. I was not possessed it seemed… I asked him what he thought it was. He said he didn’t know. Then he said this to me “Find the courage to dance”.

Being woken up randomly every few months or so continued with me still not knowing what was going on but I remembered my teachers words and they gave me hope in those dark terrified hours when I had to get up and do the ‘Hokey kokey’.

And then almost exactly a year after it had begun, I randomly saw a video on facebook. It was of a woman doing a demonstration of healing with a client who could barely walk due to an injury to her foot many years ago.

The woman doing the healing was using the exact same weird hand movements I was doing when i was made to get up and dance! I couldnt believe it! I found out the woman was called Jeanette Wilson and she was a famous healer who lived in New Zealand. in the video she explained she was practicing something called ‘psychic surgery’ .

I immediately wrote to Jeanette and by ‘conincidence’ she was in the UK for a visit and as it turned out she was 1 hour drive from my house.

I arranged to meet her the next weekend and went on to do a course with her where I started to learn what psychic surgery was.

As soon as i started treating clients with my new weird skills, people were getting huge healing shifts and the frequent night dancing stopped. Although very occasionally it comes back when im getting ‘an upgrade’ which means new healing skills and abilities are being danced and sung into me. I always know Im about to be upleveled in my work when i get woken up now.

I started to be able to see into a persons ‘field’ clairvoyantly. I started to ‘see’ a persons wounding and where it was from. Sometimes it was from past family lineage where unresolved trauma lay, sometimes it was wounding from past relationships, karmic debt and even past lives. I became able to see a persons ‘architecture’ and i could sing the correct frequency to pull out damaging energy and seal up and heal emotional wounds and post traumatic stress.

I started to get more and more information about why people were getting healing from my work. Im not religious but I’ve realised I work with a team of spirit beings and God / Source /divine conciousness. Sometimes these are angelic beings, sometimes Mother Mary and sometimes Christ.

I use my clairvoyance and clairaudience to see and hear information in a persons ‘light field’ (an energy field which extends around 10 feet in all directions from the body.

The light field contains present life, ancestral and past life information as well as sacred geometry templates, star seed family information and spiritual gifts information. I can also clear entities, implants and interfaces and even curses and dark magic that need to be cleared.

My work has recently been upleveled even further as i have been identified as an Oracle of Sophia and I’m currently undertaking a whole new level of training with Emily Joy Harris. I want to share this amazing medicine even more and Im planning to start training other people in the healing that i do.

If you want to have a treatment with me or get more information about this work. Contact me for a free consultation and we can book a healing session.

I carry out this treatment at my Huddersfield practice or as a distance treatment via Zoom (a free app for your phone or laptop where we can see and hear each other). You will receive a recording of your treatment.

Full options available during sessions.

  • Clearing of negative energies and entities.
  • Clearing of any AI , ET or Arcon interfacing and implants.
  • Dismantling of the outdated 7 chakra system and full activation of the true 12 chakra system.
  • Resurrection and stabilising of Tree of Life. (helps with clear vision of life purpose and direction).
  • Full physical body scan and physical healing and pain relief in all of the major physical body systems (nervous system, digestive system and more) using Psychic surgery and sound toning.
  • Clearing, re-coding and full activation of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Templates. (helps clear looping patterns in relationships, release from unfinished ancestral business).
  • Clearing the body of past karma and DNA from past lovers to bring you back to a zero point.
  • Clearing and re-coding and full activation of Hieros Gamos Template (our direct connection with God consciousness and also the template for Divine union).
  • Healing and repair of any tears or leaks of the Christed Shield for protection and ongoing safety.
  • Clearing the lie of poverty and any blocks to abundance on all levels, including in the ancestral fields (where it often originates).
  • Clearing of any curses on all levels including in the ancestral fields
  • Clairvoyance and information from all of the spirit healers during the entire treatment.
  • Recorded audio of the full session.


Initial Consultation (30 minutes) FREE

Healing Session (90 minutes) £90