Quantum Healing & Psychic Surgery

Quantum Healing & Psychic Surgery

My Quantum Healing and Psychic Surgery works very deeply and profoundly.

During this treatment I work with a the highest level of healing with a small team of spirit beings and God / Source conciousness. I carry out this treatment at my Huddersfield practice or as a distance treatment via Zoom (a free app for your phone or laptop where we can see and hear each other). You will receive a recording of your treatment.

I use my clairvoyance and clairaudience to see and hear information in a persons ‘light field’ (an energy field which extends around 10 feet in all directions from the body.

The light field contains present life, ancestral and past life information as well as sacred geometry templates, star seed family information and spiritual gifts information. I can also clear entities, implants and interfaces that need to be cleared.

Full options available during sessions.

  • Clearing of negative energies and entities.
  • Clearing of any AI , ET or Arcon interfacing and implants.
  • Dismantling of the outdated 7 chakra system and full activation of the true 12 chakra system.
  • Resurrection and stabilising of Tree of Life. (helps with clear vision of life purpose and direction).
  • Full physical body scan and physical healing and pain relief in all of the major physical body systems (nervous system, digestive system and more) using Psychic surgery and sound toning.
  • Clearing, re-coding and full activation of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Templates. (helps clear looping patterns in relationships, release from unfinished ancestral business and more).
  • Clearing and re-coding and full activation of Hieros Gamos Template (our direct connection with God consciousness and also the template for Divine union).
  • Healing and repair of any tears or leaks of the Christed Shield for protection and ongoing safety.
  • Clearing the lie of poverty and any blocks to abundance on all levels, including in the ancestral fields (where it often originates).
  • Clearing of any curses on all levels including in the ancestral fields
  • Clairvoyance and information from all of the spirit healers during the entire treatment.
  • Recorded audio of the full session.


Initial Consultation (30 minutes) FREE

Healing Session (90 minutes) £90