Spiritual Surgery

Spiritual Surgery (or Psychic Surgery as it is sometimes called) is a healing modality where the healer is a channel for doctors, surgeons, saints, shamans, osteopaths all other types of healing therapists.  These spirit healers used to live on earth but when they passed on they stayed in a particular realm where they could still do their work through healers on earth.  This is due to their desire to help humanity and the love of their work.   They heal by bringing their healing energy and light to you.  Any unresolved emotions or trauma you may have experienced in life which you have not processed, integrated and released (which can result in physical ailments) can then be let go of by you, thereby resulting in wellness.  This means healing can work on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects so any imbalance or illness can be treated.

What happens in a Spiritual Surgery treatment?


I begin the treatment by asking which aspects of you or your life that you want to have help with.  I then call on the spirit healers to work through me to give you the healing that you need.  Different spirit healers work in different ways.  They can move me around and sometimes sing or make noises through me as part of the healing.  Sometimes this involves me moving my hands around you or near you, sometimes this involves me staying very still.

There is no actual physical touching as part of this treatment.  Sometimes I will talk to you during the treatment to ask questions or let you know what is happening or who is coming through to give the healing.  After the healing is finished I explain what healing came through and any clairvoyance that has occurred.  I will give you some aftercare advice too.

The spirit healers can work very quickly and sometimes only one treatment is needed.  Sometimes more than one treatment is required.

My journey in Spiritual Surgery


I didn’t choose this healing modality - it chose me. In 2017 I tagged long when friends visited the holy well of St. Brigit in Ireland - the saint of healing and higher consciousness.  Since then I have been able to channel healing from doctors, surgeons, holy saints and shaman who live in the spirit realm.

A lucky meeting with Jeanette Wilson (who has been practicing spiritual surgery for 30 years and has her own tv show in New Zealand about spiritual surgery) allowed me to learn more about it and realise I was far from alone in these abilities.  I completed my training with Jeanette in 2018.

Pricing for Spiritual Surgery Treatments

This treatment can be conducted either in person or as a distance healing 

Treatment in Huddersfield

First Treatment £60 (1.5 hours)

Subsequent Treatments £40 (1 hour)

Treatment in Manchester

First Treatment £70 (1.5 hours)

Subsequent Treatments £50 (1 hour)