About Plant Spirit Medicine

Plant Spirit Medicine is a deep and profound healing modality which draws on the benevolence and wisdom of natures natural healers, the plant spirits.

I have learned these skills from the fully initiated Shaman and Author Eliot Cowan.

My journey with Plant Spirit Medicine


I became interested in Plant Spirit Medicine or PSM after reading the book Plant Spirit Medicine by Eliot Cowan – a fully initiated Shaman of the Huichol tradition.  I wrote to him and discovered he was holding a course in PSM in the UK the following year.

Sometimes described as ‘Acupuncture with out needles’, PSM is so much more.  It is based on the Chinese 5 element healing system except instead of needles PSM uses the divine, generous, ancient spirits of plants and trees to heal.

The knowledge that plants and trees have spirit is a very old concept and is one our ancestors would have been familiar with.  People were very connected to the weather, the land, the rivers and trees and plants as that connection meant food, shelter and survival.  The spirits of the plants and trees were honoured for their wisdom and generosity and healing properties.  It is well known that plants and trees have medicinal properties. It is less known now (but was then) that all plants and trees also have a spirit.

Spirit is the strongest medicine.  It gets past our minds traumas and unresolved emotions to go straight to the heart of the matter.  This is why healing on the spirit level is the strongest form of medicine.

Eliot cowan talks about Plant Spirit Medicine

What happens in a Plant Spirit Medicine treatment?


I begin by taking a detailed case history of your health and life journey.  I then take your pulses (6 on one wrist and 6 on the other wrist).  While we are doing these things I am also assessing your sound, general colour, odour and emotion reactions.  This is known as part of 5 element medicine.  All of these things combine to give me an overall picture of you and your health and which plants would be best to call in to help you.

In order to have a ‘relationship’ with different plants and trees and be able to call them in for help.  I have undertaken a process known as ‘journeying’ to them in a specific way where a balanced exchange means I have their blessing to call on them for healing.  A PSM practitioner journeys with as many plants and trees as they can in order to build up a ‘toolbox’ of medicine.  Different plants and trees are best for different people.

When you are laying down comfortably on the treatment table. I call in the plants and we begin treatment.  I continuously check your pulses throughout treatment as this tells me which direction to go in next and which plant to call in next to bring you to perfect balance.  To experience the healing and balancing effect from the spirits of the plants and trees is a deeply relaxing and profound experience.

Like Acupuncture, more treatments may be necessary depending on how long you have been experiencing imbalance.

Pricing for Plant Spirit Medicine Treatments

Treatment in Huddersfield

First Treatment £60 (1.5 hours)

Subsequent Treatments £40 (1 hour)

Treatment in Manchester

First Treatment £70 (1.5 hours)

Subsequent Treatments £50 (1 hour)